Anna Käse - art for friends


The courses are adressed to everyone who wants to try out the technique of drypoint or deepen their knowledge.

From large to small and young to just the right age, everybody can join.
On two days, we will enjoy it a lot.
It will be drawn, scratched, polished, rubbed the drypoint plates, with color and printed.
My introductory course in drypoint will give you the chance to create your own art works right at the first day.

Your phantasie and I, would be very pleased to see you in one of the following courses.
You don't need to have any precognition in art or even talent.
We are looking forward to you.

The weekend courses always take place on saturday and sunday. From 11am to 5pm.

The next weekend course takes place on the 29. and 30. July 2017.
There are 2 places free

Another weekend course takes place on the 07. and 08. October 2017.
There are 4 places free

Further dates will be announced...

The course fee for both days is 145.00€ plus cost of material (depends on how much you need, about 10.00 – 20.00€).

Do you want to take a course?
Just send me an e-mail.

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