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Free of chipping cost, until christmas!
December 1, 2018

Dear friends,
you are able to order free of chipping cost, until christmas.
Hohoho, that sounds good.
I got original Etchings, lucky bags, magnets, pins, stickers an much more, in my shop.
Hope you will find something.

„You're a superhero, you just forgot it!“
September 29, 2018

For the first time, I present my new round color etchings „You're a superhero, you just forgot it!“ , at the Art Kamen!
Any further information about this art fair, you will find here!

Open print workshop!
At the town museum "Haus Rykenberg".

September 23, 2018

Are you also belong to those people who no longer know, what a drypoint is?
Then it is high time to get to the bottom of this .
Because in fact, drypoint ist a very old deep print technique.
Together we work on an own engraved printig plate. From this we produce handmade prints.
It starts from 7.50€ for the material costs.
I'm looking forward to you all!

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