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the story so far

Everything started on 08.02.1984 in Werl, a small town in NRW, because I was born there.
Pretty early I realized that I believe reality is a pretty absurd and complicated space.
I started to spend more and more time in my fantasy.
Here I had all the freedom and to keep it, I headed my life in a creative direction.
After receiving my degree in design, I started to study in 2004 at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Essen, Germany, with the topics of free painting and printmaking.
Due to special artistic achievements I was granted with a scholarship by the management of the academy in 2005.
Already during my studies I specialized in the old intaglio technique of etching.
For me, the etchings I make are something like photographs taken out of my imagination, only less modern.
In 2008 I successfully completed my studies by receiving the diploma of the academy and the master student degree of the FAdbK.
In the same year I moved to Berlin Neukölln, where I started my own business as a freelance artist.
I have always loved to share my creativity and fantasies with people. That's why I was able to realize a dream in 2013:
I opened my own studio with gallery, in Berlin Neukölln. In it I organized exhibitions and introduced the technique of etching to other artists and interested parties.
In 2017, I was moved back to my hometown, Werl.
In Berlin I missed the nature and the silence. Therefore, my printing workshop is in the backyard of my cozy house at Rottmannsring 30.
In 2021 I founded my own publishing company, the "Alles Käse - Verlag".
In this I published my first picture book. "When I grow up I'll be a butterfly!"

If you want to learn even more about me, my work or the effect of iron(III) chloride on copper, it's quite simple. Come visit me in my print studio or follow me on Facebook.

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