Anna Käse - art for friends

the story so far

I was born at the 08.02.1984 in Werl, wich is a small town in NRW.
Here I have learnd to walk, to swim and all the other basic research, to be an „adult“.
Some day, I have detected, that the reality is a realy crazy and complicated place.
So I have started, to be in my fantasy, more and more.
Here, I have every freedom. So I pushed my life, in a creative direction.
After I receipt my advanced technical college certification, I started to study fine arts with the subjects painting and graphics in 2004 at the Freien Akademie der bildenden Künste in Essen.
2005, I offered a scholarship due to extraordinary achievements by the direction of the academy.
During my studies, I have specialised in the old and traditional gravure printing, called etching.
The etchings I make, are something of the kind of a photo, from my fantasy. (Only less modern.)
2008 I finished my studies and received the master artisan's diploma of the academy.
After I moved to Berlin Neukölln, also in 2008, I was happy to see, that I could live from selling my art.
I have always enjoyed to share my creativity and fantasy with other people.
Therefore I could fulfill a wish, in 2013 and opened my own print workshop with a gallery area in Berlin Neukölln.
In this, I have organised exhibitions and given courses into etching to interested people and artists.
2017, I finally returned to my old hometown.
After 8 years of Berlin and a large number of exhibitions in the north of germany, I want to develop, the south of germany.

If you want to learn more about me, my works and the impact, that acid has on copper, just visit me in my print workshop or follow me on facebook.

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